St. John Brewers U.S. Virgin Islands

Tropical Mango Pale Ale
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Island Summer Ale
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Island Hoppin IPA
Island Hoppin IPA
“A light pale ale with a hint
of mango”

Caribbean pale ale with a light mango fruit nose and
balanced hop finish

Brewed and created by Kevin and Cheech on the island of St. John

A one of a kind unique tasting brew

“A refreshing summer beer
with a clean crisp finish”

A light bodied summer ale

Half wheat and Pale malt recipe

Brewed with the concept of 12 months of summer in the Virgin Islands

“Citrus Aroma with a
hoppy finish”

Balanced malt character that compliments the
hoppy finish

Citrus, floral hop aromas

Hops:  Warrior, Cascade, Willamette

ABV: 4.5%
ABV: 4.2%
ABV 6.2% • IBU: 53
Amber Ale
Tropical Mango Pale Ale Logo

“A medium-bodied, well balanced Amber Ale”

Subtle roasted malt notes

Mildly hopped with a round smooth finish

ABV: 5.5%

Pale Tourist Pale Ale
Pale Tourist Pale Ale
Liquid Sunshine
Liquid Sunshine
“Hoppy Pale Ale with a dry clean finish”

Fresh citrus hop aroma

Light body with a clean, crisp finish

Hops: Apollo, Bravo, Citra

“A Belgian style beer with Caribbean orange and coriander ”

Subtle fruit and spice notes

Wonderful with an orange slice 
or by itself

Currently not in season

ABV: 5.2% • IBU: 46
ABV: 5.2%

VI Massive Coffee Stout
VI Massive Coffee Stout
VI Massive Series
VI Massive Double IPA
Double IPAVI Massive Series
22 oz. bombers
Available Now

Roasted grain and coffee aroma

Smooth malt character with coffee and chocolate notes

Made with cold brewed coffee from
VI Coffee Roasters on St. Thomas

Pairs well with chocolate desserts

Hops: Apollo, Willamette

Malt: Pale Malt, Munich, Crystal, Wheat, Roasted, Chocolate, Black Patent

22 oz. Bombers
Coming Back Soon!

Big citrus aroma with juicy hop flavor throughout

Balanced maltiness to compliment the warming alcohol notes

Pairs well with spicy foods and strong cheeses

Hops: Amarillo, Bravo, Simcoe

Malt: 2 Row Pale, Crystal, Wheat

ABV: 9.2% IBU: 40
ABV: 8.8% • IBU: 88

Ginger Beer Soda
Ginger Beer

Root Beer
Root Beer


Green Flash Energy Drink

Green Flash Energy Drink

Energy Drink

A classic Ginger Beer soda made with natural ginger extract and pure cane sugar

Great in a Dark and Stormy or Moscow Mule

Refreshingly spicy and slightly sweet non-alcoholic drink

Natural flavors of Wintergreen, Anise and Vanilla

Pairs great with Rum for an "R and R"

Excellent in root beer floats!

St. John Brewers Energy Drink is a great choice for that afternoon pick me up or whenever you are looking for an energy boost

12 FL OZ.
Non Alcoholic
12 FL OZ.
Non Alcoholic
8.4 Oz.
Non Alcoholic